The Human Remains


The Human Remains collects the dead in elegies of sorrow and fond remembrance. A life which is plagued with infection of the flesh and mind at times can still persevere. The author of Red Flag and Other Poems stands between the podium and the confession booth at his own funeral.

Red Flag and Other Poems


Red Flag and Other Poems commands attention with its message of remembrance for the Holocaust and vigilance for truth and justice in a world filled with deceit and injustice. Such an event as the Holocaust must never be allowed to happen again. 

Proceeds from the sale of this book go to the C.A.N.D.L.E.S. Holocaust Museum and Education Center in Terre Haute, Indiana.


Last Lights of a Dying Sun


Four unrelated people cross paths when they enter a cult that worships the sun, which is believed to burn out on a certain date. Many do not believe in silly apocalyptic rumors, especially since Y2K and 2012 turned out to be hoaxes, but this cult believes that if they worship the sun and give it praise, perhaps, it will give its final strength to them so that they can survive in the cold world to come.